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Mail Services

Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) offers  Mail Services , You can send any mail item to over 600 Post offices in Kenya and it will get there quickly, safely and secure. The item is delivered to the respective Post Box within 24hrs in the same town and within two days to the rest of the country.


Domestic Mail :

You can send any mail item to over 600 Post offices in Kenya and it will get there quickly, safely and secure. The item is delivered to the respective Post Box within 24hrs in the same town and within two days to the rest of the country.

International Mail:

International Mail services are available throughout the world. Conveyance of mail is done by air, over land or by sea depending on ones requirements.

Conveyance by air is simple and fast, delivery to the respective destination is assured within set time-frames which vary from one country to another.

Whereas conveyance by Sea or overland mail is convenient for bulky items, for those who may be travelling and wish to receive their mail in due course, or generally for mail items where time is not of essence.

These are the delivery points for mail in Kenya; they are installed within Post offices and convenient locations such as petrol station in the case of stand-alone boxes. Customer mail is sorted into the boxes at the specific offices where the mail is addressed.

Private Bag service– This service operates along the same lines as the private letter box system in terms of their location. They are mainly used by organizations  or institutions  that receive large volumes of mail. Private bags are allocated a number similar to the private letter box. In  some cases, a private bag may not have a specific number e.g. Teacher’s service commission.

Classification of Boxes

There are 2 classifications of private letter boxes:

Departmental:– These are private letter boxes located at Head Post offices(HPO) & Departmental post offices

Sub Post Office: – These are private letter boxes located at sub post offices. Sub post offices are run by agents/ contractors

Categories of Renters

These are:

a) Corporate- Ksh 8,120

b) Individual- Ksh 2,160

c) Special corporate – Ksh 5,540

d) Learning and religious organizations- Ksh 6,740

e) Sub post office- 1320

Special corporate category caters for special groups such as children’s homes, homes for the elderly and destitute and philanthropic organizations

The above amount does includes deposit for keys of Ksh 560

E-Citizen Convenience fee of Ksh 50 will apply


This is a method of identifying individual post offices by a distinct code. The Postal network is divided into regions and offices within these regions have a predetermined prefix followed by digits to denote the relative administrative order for each office.

Why Post Codes

  1. a) To enable expansion of private letter boxes
  2. b) To reduce or minimize risks of mis sorting due to similarity of destination addresses.
  3. c) To enable automated sorting in the future.
Direct Mail Marketing

This service is specifically designed to cater for corporate clients from small enterprises to large established organizations to target customers. Through our extensive Posta network, DMM helps you advertise your products and services by communicating your message to the intended audience.

Types of Posta Direct Mail Marketing

There are two types of DMM:

Addressed direct Mail Marketing:  This service enables you to promote your products and services to customers on a targeted and personalized basis.

Non -addressed Direct Mail Marketing: this enables you to promote your products and services to various customers and also to customers within a geographical area.

Benefits of Posta Direct Mail Marketing

It is cost effective; the rates are affordable

Efficient because it is direct

It has a countrywide reach and readability (over 400,000 private letter boxes countrywide).

It is scalable; no matter the size of the business or communication budget, DMM allows you to invest in comfortable doses by contacting as many customers as available resources may allow.

DMM is measurable; you can measure the number of responses and evaluate how effective the campaign was.

It is used for geographic targeting

Targets specific customers when addressed

A customer may utilize the bulk mail service to solicit for responses of business nature or otherwise from customer /consumers, using Business Reply Service (BRS).

You can use the Business Reply Service to initiate customer service, request information, research the market place or to identify customer needs. Self-addressed envelopes are mailed to potential clients and the customer pays only for the responses they receive.


For the busy mailroom and mail registries in companies, institutions, government offices etc, a franking meter machine provides faster, more convenient choice to affixing postage on mail.

Franking meter machines are available from authorized dealers and come in sizes applicable to customer’s need.

License is needed to operate a franking meter machine through the machine dealer.


Philately is an exciting hobby of collecting stamps and stamp related items. They may be collected as mint both used and unused, souvenir sheets, first day covers, philatelic cards, souvenir folders, maximum cards, stamp packs, booklets, postal stationery, Posta cancellations and stamp artworks. Philatelists collect stamps for the sentimental value given to the work of art, theme, rarity of the stamp, educational reasons, shape, or as an investment. What to collect: When a collector begins stamp collection they may want to collect all the stamps they get. Later on they may decide to specialize in stamps of one country, or in stamps with a particular theme. Extra stamps can be exchanged with other collectors to enable the collector build up their collection.

Types of Stamp Issues There are two types of stamp issues:

A) Commemorative: These are issued to mark special events, occasions of national or international importance, and also to cover themes of general interest. They are normally withdrawn from sale at the post office after six months, and after twelve months at the stamp bureau.

B) Definitive: These are postage stamps are issued for postage purposes. The issue comprises of a full range of about sixteen denominations which are released every five years. Postal Corporation of Kenya has stamp bureaus at the headquarters in Nairobi and another at Mombasa to serve stamp collectors. Philatelic counters are available in all Head Post Offices. Our services include:

– Sale of mint stamps, first day covers, souvenir folders, philatelic cards, stamp booklets
– Sale of philatelic albums and inserts
– Sale of annual stamp packs
– Sale of philatelic handbooks
– Deposit account service
– Mailing list service

M Post is an innovative product that enable  the user  to get notifications once a letter is received in their private letter box. This product is a value add to the private letter box.

It is used as a virtual box in post offices with a waiting list.

Why Mpost

Convenience – Once mail is received at the Post Office, an SMS notification is sent to the Phone. The addressee can request for delivery of the letter.

  1. Secure – With Mobile based service communal sharing of boxes is eliminated hence enhancing security and privacy.
  2. Affordability – M Post is technologically driven and therefore riding on existing infrastructure. The virtual box costs Kshs 400 per year.
  3. Inclusion – The ability to entrench addressing within a populace. With M Post, anyone with a phone number can own a virtual post office box.

How do you register- dial *631# or visit

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