26th January 2016

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great honor and privilege that I convey my New Year message to all Pasta Kenya staff as we embrace yet another great year, 2016, after bidding farewell to the successes and challenges of the 2015 calendar.

I am also deeply humbled that this is my maiden New Year message since my re­ appointment for the second term as the Postmaster General of the Postal Corporation of Kenya, in AuDr. Enock Kinara, Executive Office Postal Corporation of Kenya CEOgust 2015. I therefore wish to take this opportunity to express delight in serving the Corporation and being part of the dedicated PCK team for over three decades now. I proudly look at the history and growth of the organization since 1st July 1999 with excitement and satisfaction in view of the milestones achieved so far. It is no mean fete registering this phenomenal growth even in the face of challenges that at various points wore us down. Once again, I say thank you for the collective efforts.

Indeed, 2015 witnessed a myriad of challenges but I am happy that we have kept our eyes and spirits trained on the objective and dream that unite ite us towards the growth and success of Pasta Kenya and indeed I salute you for the stellar performance in 2015. However, I acknowledge that there is an onerous task ahead of us in order to fulfill the dream as enshrined in our Corporate Strategic Plan (2013/16). We must remind ourselves of the very core values that we promised to uphold; the values that are enshrined in our charter; the values that shall be the gateway to unlocking our full potential.

Our mission is to deliver superior communication, distribution and financial solutions to customers and create value to our stakeholders. Therefore, I urge all of us to redirect our energies towards delivering to our customers effectively in the various key business areas i.e Mails, Courier and Payment Services. Let us all strive to manage and harvest knowledge amongst ourselves in all capacities, from the Headquarters, Regional, Branch to the Sub­ Post Offices countrywide. Remember when we work in harmony and appreciate positive ideas that we may from time to time be willing to share, be it in new products generation or improvement of the existing ones, we enrich our entrepreneurial ability which is an integral part of our core values of delivering innovative solutions to our customers.

Let us all go out and look for business for the Corporation. Those of us we have bestowed with the responsibility of leading the process, including the Directors, Deputy Directors, Managers, Regional Coordinators, Business Coordinators, Branch Managers, Sales Officers and Postmasters, I direct you to walk the talk in your various jurisdictions. You must lead this process from the front as this is your solemn duty. And to all staff, let there be collective entrepreneurial (business minded) and marketing efforts this year going forward.
However I have also noted with appreciation key achievements of the year 2015 and wish to share some of them with you.

Achievements for 2015

1. Staff Matters
We have internalized the need for a motivated workforce and continue to fast track any endeavor that would help to achieve this. Below are some of the 2015 staff accolades:

•    Signing and implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CSA) between the Communication Workers Union (COWU) and PCK Management, to cover 2015 and 2016 calendar years.
•    Adoption  of a  New Performance  Management Tool for all staff  based on  Key Result Areas Principle for respective Directorates and Departments.
•    Team Pasta’s successful participation in the “Road to Anfield” Football Tournament in England, United Kingdom and emerging second best in the competition. The “Road to Anfield” is an annual tournament fully sponsored by The Standard Chartered Bank of The United Kingdom. Team Posta was the official representative of Eastern and Central

2.  Business Front

We have leveraged on Information, Communication Technology (ICT) and Innovations as the engine to spur growth  and keep the Corporation on the path to profitability. Some of the notable achievements of 2015 were:

•    Mid-term review of the Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP) 2013/16 by the Board and Management
•    Innovation of Postal Registered Email (PREM) as a product of Mail Service Directorate.
•    Full operationalization of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for both front and back office. This is to ensure seamless business operations.
•    Implementation of the Profit Centre Business Model by Directorates and Departments
•    Acquisition  of two (2) Post Liner Buses as a pilot project in passengers’ transport and distribution  business venture.
•    Posta Kenya e-commerce partnerships with Kili Mall and Jumia Kenya to boost revenue In Conclusion,
Let us all uphold PCK Core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, Stewardship and Entrepreneurship. These values should always guide us in our efforts to deliver the highest business standards to our esteemed customers at all times. We should strive to leave PCK better than we found it for the future generations. This can be achieved if we all remain fully dedicated to diligently serving our stakeholders and always remaining alive to our Vision of being among the leading global providers of Postal and related services, which is the guiding spirit of our Corporate Strategic Plan (CSP) 2013/16. As the designated National Public Postal Licensee, we are obligated by the PCK Act of Parliament 1998 to provide accessible, affordable and reliable Posta Services to all parts of Kenya.

Finally, I take this opportunity to wish you all a fruitful and prosperous New Year, 2016. With best regards,

Dr. Enock O. Kinara