Posta Dispatch [Your Corporate Mailman]
This is an innovative mail delivery solution, tailored to ease the hassle of mail delivery for you. This mail service consists of Pickup/ delivery services and mail room management.

This is a door to door service hence the client is able to save on valuable time that is otherwise spent on transit. If you are looking for professionalism on managing your mail activities then you will never go wrong with Posta Dispatch.

Under the brand name Posta Dispatch, Posta offers various value adding services including:-

Pick up services of mail to and from your offices
The service entails:-
Collection of all mail addressed to your organization from your official private letter boxes in Nairobi, and delivery of the same in a private bag to your premises.
Collection of all mail due for posting from your premises to the Post Office for processing. The Pick-up and delivery will be done as per schedules dictated by the customer.

Messengerial Services
Corporate customers can now enjoy messengerial services offered to them as part of Posta Dispatch.

This is done on a door to door basis where there is delivery of documents and letters from your office to your customers. This service can be offered on schedule or on call basis depending on the customer’s preference. The service is offered within a radius of 20kms from the Central Business District.

Payment of bills
Banking services
Payment of Insurance policies.
Renewal of driving licences

A dedicated rider can be availed for this service if you so desire.

Mail Room Management
Posta will process incoming and outgoing mail for your organization as per your requirements.
Our dedicated staff will be stationed at your Mail Rooms full time or on demand.
Our staff will sort and distribute incoming mail / packages
Our staff will also sort and distribute internal mail / packages
Our staff will prepare outgoing mail / packages

Security of your mail
Reduced costs
Time saving
Efficient service delivery
Customer satisfaction
Assigned account manager to ensure you are well served.
The customer can focus on its core business as PCK handles all its mailing needs.

Rates are based on volumes, weight, distance and urgency of the items to be delivered