What is MPOST?
MPost is an innovatinve product that  enables any mobile phone user to use his/her phone to receive letters. It  allows you to make your mobile number to be a formal postal address. With it, you get
access to letters and parcels wherever you are in Kenya.


Steps on how  to register on MPOST
1. Convenience – Once mail is received at the Post Office, an SMS notification is sent to the Phone and the mail can be delivered across the country.

2. Secure – With Mobile based service communal sharing of boxes is eliminated hence enhancing security and privacy.

3. Affordability – MPost is technologically driven and therefore riding on existing infrastructure. The virtual box costs Kshs300 per year.

4. Inclusion – The ability to entrench addressing within a populace. With MPost, anyone with a phone number can own a virtual post office box.


Steps on how  to register on MPOST