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Private Letter Boxes / Bags

These are the delivery points for mail in Kenya; they are installed within Post offices and convenient locations such as petrol station in the case of stand-alone boxes. Customer mail is sorted into the boxes at the specific offices where the mail is addressed.

Private Bag service– This service operates along the same lines as the private letter box system in terms of their location. They are mainly used by organizations  or institutions  that receive large volumes of mail. Private bags are allocated a number similar to the private letter box. In  some cases, a private bag may not have a specific number e.g. Teacher’s service commission.

Classification of Boxes

There are 2 classifications of private letter boxes:

Departmental:– These are private letter boxes located at Head Post offices(HPO) & Departmental post offices

Sub Post Office: – These are private letter boxes located at sub post offices. Sub post offices are run by agents/ contractors

Categories of Renters

These are:

a) Corporate- 9450

b)Individual- 2000

c)Special corporate – 6225

d)Learning and religious organizations- 7725

e)Sub post office- 1320

  • Special corporate category caters for special groups such as children’s homes, homes for the elderly and destitute and philanthropic organizations


This is a method of identifying individual post offices by a distinct code. The Postal network is divided into regions and offices within these regions have a predetermined prefix followed by digits to denote the relative administrative order for each office.

Why Post Codes

  1. a) To enable expansion of private letter boxes
  2. b) To reduce or minimize risks of mis sorting due to similarity of destination addresses.
  3. c) To enable automated sorting in the future.