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Posta Parcel

Posta parcel is an affordable and secure way of sending parcels through the post locally and internationally.  There are two types of parcels:

a) Domestic Parcels
Across the country, with a network of over 400 local  postal outlets, delivery to the designated post office . One can send items up to 50 kgs. For items weighing above 50kgs special arrangements may be made with the Postmaster.

b) International Parcels
Air and surface parcel services are available to practically every country in the world. Air parcels generally take 5 to 13 days, while surface parcels take 1 week  to 3  months  subject to the consolidation period at the port. Surface airlifted (SAL) Parcels are air lifted to their destination countries and delivered as surface parcels upon arrival.
Since all parcels sent overseas need clearance from customs, declaration of contents at the post office is necessary.
Maximum weight of an individual international surface/air parcel varies from country to country but the maximum Universal Postal Union (UPU) weight is 31.5 kgs.


Affordable – offers a cost effective alternative for items that are not time sensitive.

Wide network- parcels can be sent to almost any country worldwide and to over 400 postal outlets countrywide.

Track and trace available for international parcels.

Delivered to a post office allowing the customer to collect the item at their own convenience.

Packaging materials available at selected Post offices at an affordable rates