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EMS Kenya

EMS (Express Mail Service) is an international and domestic courier service for both documents and parcels offered under the brand name EMS Kenya with service levels that meets international standards in speed, reliability, security, accessibility and at affordable prices.

EMS is offered in more than 3, 000 destinations worldwide and over 285 destinations locally.

Products offered:

            a) EMS International
Items can be sent to over 3,000 destinations worldwide from over 285 acceptance centers countrywide. A track and trace system providing prompt information on delivery and effective monitoring is available for most of the destinations in over 75 countries. EMS Kenya also offers customs clearance services for incoming items that are dutiable.

              b) EMS Domestic

The service covers over 285 principal towns and locations in the country under: – 


EMS “Same Day”
The service is offered within selected urban, town, municipal and city boundaries and their environs (up to a radius of 30km). The items must be posted by 12pm to be delivered on the same day and its maximum acceptable weight is 50kg

EMS Overnight
Items accepted for delivery in any of the destination will be delivered in the shortest time within 24 hours. Maximum acceptable weight is 50kg.

EMS Bulk Rate
This is for bulky shipments that are over 2000kgs per month. There is a flat rate across the board to any destination irrespective of the zone

EMS customized.-This is a specialized EMS service tailored to suit EMS customer’s specific needs like moving household goods and from one location to another within the country. The goods are to be delivered to the agreed location within seven days.
Some packages have greater volume than their actual weight. These packages are large and take up space yet they are relatively lightweight. In such cases, as per IATA standards the shipping costs are calculated by the volumetric space they take up. Rates are based on total weight or actual volumetric weight whichever is greater.