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Agency Banking
Agency Banking

Postal Corporation of Kenya has a network of over 500 offices that can offer Agency services. Over half of these outlets have been automated.

Agency Services are offered by the Postal Corporation of Kenya as Third Party Payments. This is where the Corporation stands in as an agent of a Principal to either pay dues to the principals’ customers or to collect dues on behalf of the principal. These include Payment of dues e.g. salaries, dividends, bonuses, Collection of dues e.g. Insurance payments, bills and other payments, issuing of forms for colleges and other institutions and management of promotions and distribution of cash prizes and merchandise .

A)Payment of Dues / Salaries (Out Payments)

In the payment of dues, PCK works with a principal to ensure their customers or staff are paid the dues efficiently, on time and conveniently.

The Principal and the Corporation agree on the modalities of what is to paid either dividends, loans and also registration of new members.

A Principal provides a file bearing the names of the beneficiaries to be paid, national identification numbers, amount to be paid and Location to be paid.
(Payment location is flexible and can be changed on request from the principal). This is sent in an encrypted format for security purposes. PCK decrypts the file and generates transaction numbers which are unique and encrypts the file again to be sent back to the principal. The Principal then gives the transaction numbers to the customers and advises them to go pick their loans (or any other payment) from the respective post offices.
Information is availed to the principal on real time basis thus making reconciliation easy. The principal informs PCK on the time frame they would need the payments to be availed in the PCK system, after the elapse of that time, the payment is removed from the system and a refund is made to the principal or the funds can be used in the next cycle of payment.
The commission is normally borne by the principal or the customer.

B) Collection of dues (In payments)

For collection of dues, the Corporation works with the principal to ensure their customers have a convenient outlet to pay dues such as utility bills and insurance payments.
The Corporation and the Principal will agree on the business to be offered, i.e. what is to be paid, the area in which the business is to be conducted.

For cash collections, the customer walks into the post office with the amount of money to be paid in, fills in the send/receive form (optional) produces the national identification card to the teller manning the counter. The information is availed to the principal in real time for reconciliation purposes.
The principal must provide and account to PCK where the collected money is to be deposited to.

C) Utility Bills

The Corporation also undertakes the collection of utility bills including telephone bills, water, Television subscription fees, and electricity bills at no extra cost to the customer.

D)Telecommunication Services

PCK is also in partnership with Safaricom Limited, Mobikash and Airtel Money for money transfer. Customers walk in the post office and can buy float, send and withdraw money. Customers are advantaged to transact in a safe place with no problem of lack of float.

Benefits:•Trained staff to handle the business nationally.
•A national network with physical offices that have an online network.
•Easy reach for customers
•A partner committed to touching lives